Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well she did it. Evelyn Ann has gone and turned two. Evie was feeling a bit under the weather on her special day, but her spirits were up. She received many wonderful gifts including a fully furnished doll house and her very own baby grand piano! It's hard to believe she is already a year older.

A happy girl

Uncle Brolin spoiled our little princess with some jewels.

Thrilled with her new piano

Don't grow up too fast sweet baby girl!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Jeep Hurricane

They spent their Christmas money all in one place and purchased a Jeep Hurricane. Slightly used, but in excellent condition. Lane went with Justin to pick it up and got a chance to take it for a test drive and kick the tires a bit. It's pure excitement and thrill every time they take it for a spin. Lane is a professional at driving and Evie isn't too bad, but needs practice steering as she often finds herself stuck. Lane loves all his Christmas gifts, but admits the Jeep is his favorite.

Building a Bench

We have a space in our foyer that was in need of a corner bench. Justin being the well rounded, multi-talented man that he is, whipped one up in no time. It is now painted and being put to good use.

finished bench photo still to come...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

Christmas Morning... Grandmother's house we go.


Christmas Concerts

Lane had a full day of performing. In the morning he performed at his school church in the Christmas program with his pre-school class. It was a full house including Grandma and Papaw Whitaker.

Later, that evening was his concert for the playgroup. Lane practiced hard for this performance. Meeting with the practice group every Friday for the previous month. Here are some clips from the concert. Evelyn was also in attendance and took part in the performing.

Miss Evelyn and her friend Christopher end the evening with a duet.

Play Group Christmas Party

Our playgroup had a huge Christmas party at the Bounce-o-rama. The kids had a blast jumping, playing, eating goodies and exchanging gifts. Lane also made his singing debut. He had been practicing Christmas carols with a small group of friends and here was their chance to show off their skills.

Getting of the Tree 2009

Catching up on blog posts. Here is a slide show from last month. Evie's first year participating in the tree hunt.