Friday, January 30, 2009

"I Ove You Mommy"

"I Ove You Mommy"
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Justin taught Lane how to use the microphone last night. I could hear them in there having a blast so after awhile I decided to pop in and get a quick video. Lane is so sweet saying that he loves me and dancing to daddy's beat.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Evelyn Ann Turns One!

Saturday marked a milestone for Evelyn Ann. She turned one year old. We had a family celebration which included guests from near and far. It was a special treat to have family from Michigan, Texas and Georgia. Evie was the happiest birthday girl, she enjoyed her party and couldn't be cuter! One of my favorite memories from that day is when we were all singing "Happy Birthday" to her. When we all sang "dear Evie" she got this excited look on her face and realized that we were all singing to her.
And then daddy helped her blow out the candle.

She also got her first taste of sugar. She indulged in a home made strawberry cupcake followed by a small helping of vanilla ice cream.
After the singing we opened gifts, where Lane was the big helper! Evelyn had a wonderful time and enjoyed lots of attention, she was the sweetest little birthday princess!

To see all of the photos from this milestone event please visit the set of photographs on my flickr page.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome Grammy!

My mom flew in from Michigan on Monday afternoon. We have been enjoying her company and keeping her busy. There are many preparations to be done for the big party on Saturday. My mom has been helping me prepare for Evelyn's big day and also taking care of the children. It was a special treat to sleep in until 10:30 am today while my mom feed the kids breakfast and played with them until I woke up. Lane has been having tons of fun with her too! It's like he has a buddy to play with all day long. Grammy plays cars, helps Lane ride his bike, makes arts and crafts and even lets him help bake.

My children are being spoiled with attention and I love it! I've gotten much done this week including making Evelyn a birthday crown to wear on Saturday. We will be enjoying my mother's company until Thursday when she will be going back to the great white north (Michigan). I'm so glad she is here!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Change Has Come!

Yesterday we watched emotionally as President Obama was inaugurated. A change has come!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Spirit Orb?

Last night while uploading my photos from the weekend I came across a mysterious light in one of the photographs. This mysterious light was not found in just any photograph it was found in the photo in which all the guys are toasting a shot of whiskey as a tribute to Pawpaw. And this light is positioned between Travis and Nick, Pawpaw's two sons. Also the shot was taken the day of Pawpaw's funeral. I did a little research and found there to be several theories explaining this light orb. Here is a link to some of the theories.

I believe this is Pawpaw joining the guys in a traditional shot of whiskey. There are just too many coincidences for it to be a dust particle. I get chills every time I look at this photo and even if this mysterious light isn't representing Pawpaw I still feel like he was there with us that evening and every day since then. He will always be with us.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lane Playing Daddy's Drums: A Video

Lane at 2 and 1/2 years old playing his daddy's drums. I love how he starts to sing "Bad to the Bone" in the beginning. Also notice Evie down in the bottom right crawling around.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pawpaw, we will miss you.

Justin's grandfather, Pawpaw was diagnosed with an untreatable cancer last month. Last night at home while with his wife and mother, he passed away.

I am thankful for all my Pawpaw memories and all the time I've spent with him. He touched my heart and enriched my life. He was a wonderfully loving man that made his family a priority. Our thoughts and prayers are with our family. We will deeply miss Pawpaw and will keep his spirit alive in our hearts.

Standing proud with his grandson at our wedding.

A Proud Great Grandfather, the day Lane was born.

Five generations, now Justin in the same place Pawpaw sat in the earlier five generation photo.

Celebrating 50 years of marriage!

Holding his third great grandchild, Avonlea Jane.

Five Generations with Memaw, Travis, Liv and Avonlea

These are just a few of the many memories I cherish.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Monster Jam!

Lane went out on the town Saturday night. He went to Monster Jam at the Georgia Dome. Lane, Justin, Brolin and John (Papaw) all enjoyed a guys night out. Justin filled me in on all the details and it sounds like all had fun. Lane was a little quiet when they first arrived, maybe getting accustomed to the ear plugs, but then after a sprite and some fries he perked right up and was screaming and cheering with the rest of the crowd. I patiently waited up for the boys to get home, and finally around midnight they arrived. Lane was tired, but also a little pumped up. Monster Jam was Lane's first major entertainment event, and the Georgia Dome is probably the largest place with the most people he has ever experienced. I'm so glad he got to share the experience with all men in his life. I got a shot of the boys just before they left, they were wearing matching cute!

Justin got several shots while there. Most of the photos taken by Justin are of Grave Digger, Lane's favorite.

Lane also got a shirt to remember the event by. This shirt is very fitting of his energy "Maximum Destruction, Creator of Chaos" (Maximum Destruction is the name of one of the monster trucks).

A thrilling guys night out on the town!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Little Drummer Boy

Lane has had a drum set since he was two weeks old. But because he was a newborn and because we had to store them for the past year we finally set them up last week. He loves them! Justin and Lane set them up and Lane's drum set is right next to Justin's. Sometimes Lane plays Justin's drums and sometimes Justin plays Lane's drums. We have a lot of drum love happening in this house. When Lane plays the drums he is absolutely adorable. He really puts his whole body into it and even has a drum face. I find it especially adorable when he hits the cymbal and uses his foot petal.

On Saturday Megan and Brolin came over for a visit. During this visit we spent sometime in the drum room and we were all pleasantly entertained by Lane's drum playing. Lane seemed comfortable in front on the audience and even offered everyone a turn playing his drum set, which we all happily accepted. Lane is a natural at 2 1/2 years old! He must take after his talented father.

Friday, January 2, 2009


We painted the kids' rooms this week. We started in Lane's room and finished in Evie's room. The colors are beautiful and we are very happy with the results. Lane's room is a stunning shade of blue called Americana. We did most of the painting at night when the kids were asleep but Lane did get to help during the day. He had tons of fun climbing the ladder and playing with the tools and tape.

Evelyn's room is two colors; Grass Cloth and Foxy Pink. It is adorable! I also made some curtains for her window. Her room is so lovely, I want to hang out in there all day.

We are glad to be done painting the kids' rooms. We are so pleased with the results, the outcome is worth all the efforts. We have to paint the entire interior of our house, so we will be painting for months to come. Very exciting...I love seeing the transformation. I get a sense of freedom when I paint and I love it.