Monday, February 22, 2010

Toddler Bowling!

Lane and Evelyn went bowling for the first time last week. It was very exciting to get shoes, choose a ball and then of course hit those pins!
Although exciting, Lane lost interest before the first game was over. He was distracted by the large arcade with race car games, tickets and things to win. We almost finished a game, had lunch and then spent some time in the arcade. I think both kids enjoyed the bowling alley experience.

Valentine's Day Baking

Lane and Evelyn baked Valentine's Day cookies this year. Our friend Samantha hosted this event for our playgroup. The kids made the dough, rolled it out and then cut it into shapes. And lastly, I think everybody's favorite the decorating and simultaneously eating of the cookies. The kids and mommies did a great job. Each child got to bring home some of their cookies, ours only lasted a few hours, they were delicious!

A Double Dose of Snow

We had two days this season full of snow! It's rare to see this much snow this far south. We were thrilled it came and then went. The kids loved it! Snowballs, shoveling and Lane even got to help Justin brush the snow off the cars. It was beautiful to watch fall and so peaceful. So glad the kids and Bella get to experience snow, even in the south.