Sunday, November 1, 2009


Trick-or-treating was so cute this year. Evie and Lane were little troopers. Lane went as the Transformer, Optimus Prime, and Evelyn was sweet as can be as Little Red Riding Hood.

We walked the neighborhood and went house to house. By the 3rd house they had this whole trick-or-treating business down. The kids were great. They said "thank you" to everyone who gave them candy. Evie just about melted a heart with her soft and sweet, "tank-ooh." I was surprised at their endurance. I guess being a kid and fueled and motivated by candy one can endure anything. At one point in time they were running to each house...I could barely keep up. And all along the way Evie was eating candy. I learned that she is a big fan of Kit-Kats. And Lane loves Laffy Taffy. Once we were home, the costumes were off and the candy was dumped onto the table. Then the indulgence began. After about five minutes of this free for all, they got to choose two pieces and the rest was put away for tomorrow.

It was a wonderful experience taking Lane and Evelyn trick-or-treating, I enjoyed every minute with our precious trick-or-treaters. Next year we may have to leave the bowl of candy on the porch so both Justin and I can take the kids out.