Sunday, March 29, 2009

Imaginations At Play

We attended a play group on Friday at a place called Imaginations At Play. It was like nothing I've seen before. It was an indoor play area set up with many different stations. Some of the stations included; a hollowed out tree filled with musical instruments, a grocery store, a big bath tub with bubbles galore, a large sandbox/castle, an art station with paint, crayon, and markers, and a few more. Lane and Evelyn loved it. Evie especially loved the bath tub. She was soaking wet by the time she was done playing, and she was wearing a waterproof apron. Lane was also soaked, but it was pouring down rain outside so we were bound to get wet anyway :) Lane ran from station to station and enjoyed all the variety of activities. I think he especially liked the sand station and the shopping carts from the grocery store area.

We also had the pleasure of seeing our new friends Audrey and her mother Debbie. Audrey is a sweet girl Lane's age. We saw them last friday as well and hopefully we will get together again soon. We all had a crazy and wild time at Imaginations At Play.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!

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Melissa said...

that sounds AWESOME. Sorry I've been so behind on keeping up with you guys. =)