Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Birthday Celebrations!

We have celebrated some milestone birthdays over the past few weeks. Mawmaw turned 70 and John turned the big 6-0! We had the pleasure of spending a weekend with Mawmaw. And then for John's birthday celebration we got to spend some time with some good family friends visiting from Michigan. Here are some pictures from Mawmaw's birthday celebration weekend;

Evelyn and Lane enjoying the pool with their new floaties.

And Tori, who can't resist an opportunity to be poolside.

Lane tried so hard and finally was able to pull the trigger on this monster squirt gun.

Lane has no self control when it comes to frosting.

Mawmaw's birthday cake and singing, note the question mark candle and Lane who eagerly awaits a piece of cake.

Uncle Brolin having fun with the children.

Lane putting on a mini concert performance. He sang and played for all our guests.

We celebrated John's birthday last weekend which included pool fun, a boat ride and even a fried turkey oh and we can't forget the home made pineapple chiffon cake made by John's mother Mamaw, sent from Texas! Here are some photos from last weekend's birthday celebration;

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Melissa said...

these pic (especially the guitar playing one!) break my heart that you guys are so far away. at least i get to holler @ mike to 'get over here and see this!'