Monday, June 1, 2009

Tree Swing

Justin and Lane built a tree swing this weekend. We gathered up the supplies on Saturday and then Sunday Justin and Lane assembled and installed the swing. They did an amazingly impressive job. Our tree swing is the sturdiest, most well crafted tree swing I have seen. Justin even got to exercise his inner boy scout by tying bowline knots. After completion, Lane had the honors of the first swing. He loved it and kept saying "a little faster daddy" as Justin was pushing him on the swing. Evelyn was next to have a go. She couldn't have enjoyed herself more. She laughed the entire time she was swinging. We all love our new tree swing! Lane said to Justin, "daddy, did you build this swing for me?" and Justin said "yes", then Lane said "I love you daddy" and gave him a big hug. When Justin told me this, my heart just melted. I have a feeling the children will enjoy this swing for many years to come.

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bbthebluesman said...

Thats cool. :) Why don't you have a picture of you swining? hahaha