Friday, May 15, 2009

Blue Ridge Mountain Getaway

Over Mother's Day weekend we stayed in Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains. It was a family affair complete with Grandma, Papaw and Uncle Brolin. The cabin was beautiful, we felt right at home. The views were spectacular and peaceful. We played games, sat around a camp fire making s'mors, sat on the porch taking in the views, and enjoyed each other's company.

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It was an adventure getting up to the cabin. The road for most the way was dirt, narrow and very curvy. There were no guard rails and we really felt like we off the beaten path. This is the driveway looking out from the cabin, it's freshly paved.

When we finally arrived we were impressed with the cabin. Tori and John arrived first and it was nice having them greet us as we pulled up.

Lane starting the celebration as he drinks is morning O.J. out of a champagne glass.

Lane loved this classic arcade game. He would say "I have to check my e-mail" which meant he wanted to play the game.

Uncle Brolin and Lane build an impressive tower of blocks.

Here the children are getting into the game cabinet. This kept them entertained for at least a half hour. And it kept mommy busy cleaning up for just as long. The next morning they got into it again and daddy was on clean-up duty. The fun they had was worth the clean-up, and Lane even helped a little.

Justin checking out the spectacular views from the porch.

An intense game of Sorry. There was some serious strategizing going on here.

The fire pit.

Enjoying some quality time together..

Lane trying to catch a catnap.

Daddy rocking Evelyn Ann.

At this moment Evelyn looked at John and said "papa" for the first time.

Papaw swinging with the babies, so sweet with their striped blankets all snuggled up.

We even brought the Corn Hole, a family tradition.

Evie's snuggled up to Papaw and about to fall asleep.

Doing a little rocking, relaxing and taking it all in.

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