Friday, May 1, 2009


Evelyn had her 15 month check up this week. She weighed in at 24lbs 14oz. Her height is 32", her height and weight put her into the 75-90 percentile, which means she is larger than 75-90% of girls her age. Her head circumference is 48 1/2cm which falls into the grater than 95th percentile range. She really grew over the past three months, at 15 months old she is wearing size 24 month clothing.
Evelyn Ann is happy and healthy. One of the things she has been doing lately is talking on the phone. We have several play phones and she loves to put them up to her ear and say "hello" it actually sounds more like al-o. She even has conversations on the phone, it's adorable.


Courtney Kay said...

she is so precious!

Courtney Kay said...

you've been tagged at my blog!