Monday, July 13, 2009

Traveling With Toddlers

Traveling with toddlers is always an adventure. Over the 4th of July weekend, we traveled to Ohio for a family reunion. On the way there we split the trip up and stopped at a hotel to spend the night, which made for a pleasant trip. Once in Cincinnati and at the reunion we were all happy to see everyone. The kids were great all day, they had a lot of energy but behaved for the most part. After the reunion we checked into our hotel to get settled and cleaned up for dinner. We had about ten minutes to get ready which was a wild adventure. Chasing/wrestling toddlers trying to get them dressed really works up the appetite. Here is the scene at the hotel while we were getting ready to meet everyone for dinner.
These children were going wild in the hotel room. As we were unlocking our hotel door, the neighbor apologized in advance for the loudness of his kids and we quickly assured him that the noise didn't bother us and that we would be more loud and crazy than his family. As soon as we got through the door this rang true. Lane jumping on the bed, Evelyn playing with the remote and running around, they played with the climate controls/climbed up onto the window, played/pulled with the curtains and the phone was a big hit. They were basically all over the place running wild. I had a moment in which I thought, "is this really my life" and couldn't help but just let it happen and watch their excitement and joy.


Alicia said...

o this is way too funny! i'm sure the photos only start to show the chaos/fun... but it looks like they LOVED it!

Liane said...

My kids are always drawn to these same things...jumping on the bed and putting that icky remote in their mouths! Fun times.

A Baby in Salem said...

I love the shot of Evelyn where she looks mid-run.