Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Lane

Happy birthday to my dearest Lane Axl. It's hard to believe you are three. I remember this day three years ago and I'll never forget the moment when I first laid eyes on you. You looked like Daddy and you were full of spunk. We could tell we were in for it by the way you were crying. I had never felt instant unconditional love for someone until you.

No longer a baby, but a little boy. When I look into your eyes they are so bright and full of life. You are your own person. Independent and curious. You ask questions and always speak what is on your mind. You are strong in spirit and will. You are a treasure Lane.

You are so sweet. You tell me you love me several times a day. You are always thinking and you never miss a beat. You love cars, fire trucks and art. When I push you on the swing it is never fast enough, you are so fearless.
Dearest sweet Lane, words cannot express how much you are loved. You are a hero and an everyday inspiration.

Happy 3rd birthday sweet baby Lane!

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Courtney Kay said...

happy birthday Lane!