Friday, August 14, 2009

Thank You Mawmaw!

Lane loves receiving packages in the mail and last week he was thrilled when one arrived from Mawmaw. He started opening the package as I was signing for it. What he found inside was a treasure indeed! The first gift was a transporter equipped with several cars, and boy was this a huge hit! He carried it around for the next three days and even took it to bed at night. Another gift inside this treasure filled package were clothes, a watch and what has turned into being his favorite gift, an elephant book with a dvd. We read "Ella" everyday and he insists on watching the documentary style dvd over and over again. As he watches the dvd of African Elephants he pretends that he is an elephant, trumpting, using his tusks (or tuskes, as Lane calls them) and trying to pick things up with his pretend trunk. Wonderful birthday gifts! Thank you Mawmaw!

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