Friday, December 5, 2008

Play Dough Snowman

This morning Lane and I made a batch of play dough.  Lane mixed all the ingredients together and I cooked and stirred.  Once it was done, I handed the large ball of play dough to Lane.  As I cleaned up I noticed that Lane was making a snowman.  He must be in the Christmas spirit!  I gathered up a few odds and ends for him to incorporate into his creation and his final snowman was very innovative.  Then we got out the cookie cutters and made Christmas shapes.  I had just as much fun as he did.  I really enjoyed kneading the dough, a surprising stress reliever.  Maybe I should start making bread dough that requires kneading.  I greatly enjoyed watching Lane sculpt the dough, it's nice to see him so focused.  I love the way he uses his little hands.  And much satisfaction was had observing his use of the odds and ends and cookie cutters.  We were both so proud of his play dough creations and enjoyed the whole experience together.

The play dough was very easy to make.  I found the recipe here

Have a great weekend everybody :)

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