Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday at the Park

Today was another gorgeous day. The car thermometer read 88 degrees! It was beautiful, although we were not expecting temperatures that high and we dressed a bit warm. We spent part of our day at the park with friends. Lane was non-stop playing the whole time we were there. He only stopped for a quick bite to eat and then he was off. He enjoyed the sandbox mostly and the company of other children. Evelyn was loving the swing, at one point she was just sitting in the swing drinking her and Lane's water. Lane's friend Audrey was there and they paled around a bit. On our way out Lane and Audrey were intrigued by the tennis players and they had to stop and watch. Those two are always so cute when we are leaving. They walk out together laughing and giggling.

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Courtney Kay said...

a beautiful day at the park! I miss you!