Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Library

On Saturday, Lane and I visited our local library for the first time. I explained to Lane how the library works and all the rules on how to act in a library. He loves the concept of borrowing books, reading them and then returning them so other kids can borrow them and we can borrow more. He did an excellent job of staying calm and quiet while we were in the library. At one point he was whispering so low that I couldn't hear him. He checked out seven books, which we have been reading everyday since Saturday. I love reading to him and answering all his questions. I'm so glad he loves books! He is very excited about the library and we will be returning there often.


Courtney Kay said...

I love taking kids to the library. I am so glad that Lane did well.

The Riddells said...

I'm glad he enjoyed it. Lydia and Rooster take part in a Summer Reading Program. We are lucky enough to live right around the corner (literally) from our library. Reading is so special and important... you know that... I'm so glad he loved it.