Saturday, April 25, 2009

Strawberry Fields

Today we went strawberry picking. We got an early start to beat the crowds and the heat, temperatures reached near 90 degrees today. Once we arrived at the farm , we got our buckets and began picking. Lane did a great job filling up the bucket, he was very enthusiastic and at one point he turned to another boy and said "hi kid, I'm picking strawberries". Evelyn was eating them as she picked them, I can't blame her, sun warmed strawberries freshly picked, I could barley wait myself! Once our buckets were filled we loaded up the van and headed home. This farm is very close to our house, less than one mile :) Once we got home we immediately washed and enjoyed our berries. They were still warm from the sun. Wow, these berries are so juicy, plump, sweet and ripe. We could barley contain the juice in our mouths. We enjoyed our freshly picked berries all day and tomorrow we will continue to enjoy, possible with some strawberry short cake and smoothies.


Liane said...

I've wanted to do this with my kids for years but have never been quite brave enough to try it. Maybe this year! Was it hard juggling the camera, kids and berries?

Courtney Kay said...

mmmmmm Fresh Strawberry Smoothies... yummy!

bbthebluesman said...

Okay, you pretty much should have seen this coming.... "Strawberry Fields Forever" - John Lennon