Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10 Amazing Things About Evelyn Ann

Ten things that are amazing about Evelyn Ann.  Well, there are way more than ten, but to keep this posting fairly short I'm focusing on ten things.
1.  She has smiled since the day she was born.
2.  Her eyes are two different colors, one blue, one brown.
3.  She can keep a drum beat.
4.  She thinks her big brother is hilarious.
5.  She has a sophisticated palette for being only 9 months old.  The other night she ate chicken fajitas.
6.  She has the world's most kissable cheeks.
7.  She has a special little strawberry colored birth mark on her sweet little belly.
8.  She is smiling every time I get her up from her crib after she's been sleeping.  Seriously, every time.  She could be crying and as soon as I go in there to get her she is all smiles.
9.  She can dance!
10.  She is absolutely perfect in every way possible and amazes me everyday!

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