Sunday, October 19, 2008

Punkins Picking Pumpkins Continued

Evelyn enjoyed choosing one too.  She mostly enjoyed feeling the texture of the pumpkins, tasting straw and just taking it all in.  

The weather has been rainy all week but today it cleared up just in time. It was a perfect day to pick a pumpkin!

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Sue Herman said...

Hi Whitakers,

We really miss you guys. The photos made me even miss you more. How fun is the cider mill. We also visited there this weekend. The cider is very sweet this year and the donuts especially tasty. The bees also enjoyed the cider until they were intoxicated and slowed way down. I realy enjoyed all the new photos as always. It really makes me miss you guys even more.
We wish we were there to share the punkins and the pumkin fun with all of you.
We will blog as much as possible. We love this idea.

Love Mom and Joe :0)