Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pool Side in October

Today during Evie's nap, Lane and I decided to hang out by the pool.  It was a beautiful day that was nice and warm in the sun.  There was not a cloud in the sky and many beautiful fall colors surrounded us.  As I relaxed by the pool with my trusty baby monitor, Lane made a "cake" and had much fun with the umbrella.  At one point in time he was using the umbrella as a water pen of sorts.  He was dipping the pole into the water and drawing circles on the cement.  Such a resourceful child.

Lane has been very busy this past week, his imagination is really taking off, which I love and totally encourage.  He pretends that a plastic bin is a car and the lid to his blocks is a steering wheel.  He has also built a garage for all his "big" cars and trucks.  He is also very into making tents and getting rides on blankets or in laundry baskets.  And just yesterday he said that his bear had "poopies" and he asked for my help to change his bear's diaper.  What a sweet little care taker.

Evelyn has been busy too.  She is now mobile, she has her own version of crawling.  She seems to combine scooting, with reaching, rolling, creeping and sitting to get to where she wants to go.  All this new found mobile freedom has increased her appetite.  I bought a food mill a few months back and she loves pretty much anything that I grind up for her.  She has never been into eating the normal baby cereals or even baby food, so this little food mill has come in handy.  It's so nice that she can eat what we eat.

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