Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ahoy, Treasure!

A few days ago Lane and I made a special trip to the thrift store.  This was Lane's first thrifting experience.  We found a couple hats, a helmet and a vest suitable for dress-up attire.  As we made our way towards the isle with all the little statues, lamps and other treasures, Lane spotted an elephant.  As we came up to the elephant we discovered it was a unique little lamp.  Lane was pointing, saying "eltint" (elephant) and doing his impression of an elephant, which involves a loud screeching sound.  He was very excited to have found this treasure!  The elephant is one of Lane's favorite animals, so naturally he had to have this lamp.  

Yesterday Lane was helping Justin in the attic.  They were just re-arranging storage items to make more space.  During this process Lane discovered a light cover and some goggles.  I was very proud to see Lane immediately put the light cover on his head to wear as a hat.  Such an innovative child.  I love that he used his imagination and found a purpose for such a random object.  And before we knew it, daddy was sporting the look too!  You never know what kind of treasures are to be found in an attic.

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