Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Evelyn Ann Turns One!

Saturday marked a milestone for Evelyn Ann. She turned one year old. We had a family celebration which included guests from near and far. It was a special treat to have family from Michigan, Texas and Georgia. Evie was the happiest birthday girl, she enjoyed her party and couldn't be cuter! One of my favorite memories from that day is when we were all singing "Happy Birthday" to her. When we all sang "dear Evie" she got this excited look on her face and realized that we were all singing to her.
And then daddy helped her blow out the candle.

She also got her first taste of sugar. She indulged in a home made strawberry cupcake followed by a small helping of vanilla ice cream.
After the singing we opened gifts, where Lane was the big helper! Evelyn had a wonderful time and enjoyed lots of attention, she was the sweetest little birthday princess!

To see all of the photos from this milestone event please visit the set of photographs on my flickr page.


bbthebluesman said...

Hey, I saw the pictures in the Flickr, and I espeically think you have a great picture of John and Evelyn together while John is smiling.

I like John shirt. Also I am glad that you got a picture of her smiling, its really cute and funny when she smiles.

A Baby in Salem said...

I love the stove. David and I can't wait to get Avonlea Jane one.

Liane said...

She is SO cute!! Did you make her hat? I love it.

lizw said...

Thank you. Yes, I made the hat. I got the idea from SouleMama's book, The Creative Family. It was pretty easy to make.