Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome Grammy!

My mom flew in from Michigan on Monday afternoon. We have been enjoying her company and keeping her busy. There are many preparations to be done for the big party on Saturday. My mom has been helping me prepare for Evelyn's big day and also taking care of the children. It was a special treat to sleep in until 10:30 am today while my mom feed the kids breakfast and played with them until I woke up. Lane has been having tons of fun with her too! It's like he has a buddy to play with all day long. Grammy plays cars, helps Lane ride his bike, makes arts and crafts and even lets him help bake.

My children are being spoiled with attention and I love it! I've gotten much done this week including making Evelyn a birthday crown to wear on Saturday. We will be enjoying my mother's company until Thursday when she will be going back to the great white north (Michigan). I'm so glad she is here!

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bbthebluesman said...

Hahaha, Lane is funny. Looks like he is giving Evelyn a kiss. Haha. (First picture. I think.)