Sunday, January 11, 2009

Monster Jam!

Lane went out on the town Saturday night. He went to Monster Jam at the Georgia Dome. Lane, Justin, Brolin and John (Papaw) all enjoyed a guys night out. Justin filled me in on all the details and it sounds like all had fun. Lane was a little quiet when they first arrived, maybe getting accustomed to the ear plugs, but then after a sprite and some fries he perked right up and was screaming and cheering with the rest of the crowd. I patiently waited up for the boys to get home, and finally around midnight they arrived. Lane was tired, but also a little pumped up. Monster Jam was Lane's first major entertainment event, and the Georgia Dome is probably the largest place with the most people he has ever experienced. I'm so glad he got to share the experience with all men in his life. I got a shot of the boys just before they left, they were wearing matching cute!

Justin got several shots while there. Most of the photos taken by Justin are of Grave Digger, Lane's favorite.

Lane also got a shirt to remember the event by. This shirt is very fitting of his energy "Maximum Destruction, Creator of Chaos" (Maximum Destruction is the name of one of the monster trucks).

A thrilling guys night out on the town!

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