Friday, January 2, 2009


We painted the kids' rooms this week. We started in Lane's room and finished in Evie's room. The colors are beautiful and we are very happy with the results. Lane's room is a stunning shade of blue called Americana. We did most of the painting at night when the kids were asleep but Lane did get to help during the day. He had tons of fun climbing the ladder and playing with the tools and tape.

Evelyn's room is two colors; Grass Cloth and Foxy Pink. It is adorable! I also made some curtains for her window. Her room is so lovely, I want to hang out in there all day.

We are glad to be done painting the kids' rooms. We are so pleased with the results, the outcome is worth all the efforts. We have to paint the entire interior of our house, so we will be painting for months to come. Very exciting...I love seeing the transformation. I get a sense of freedom when I paint and I love it.

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