Monday, January 19, 2009

Spirit Orb?

Last night while uploading my photos from the weekend I came across a mysterious light in one of the photographs. This mysterious light was not found in just any photograph it was found in the photo in which all the guys are toasting a shot of whiskey as a tribute to Pawpaw. And this light is positioned between Travis and Nick, Pawpaw's two sons. Also the shot was taken the day of Pawpaw's funeral. I did a little research and found there to be several theories explaining this light orb. Here is a link to some of the theories.

I believe this is Pawpaw joining the guys in a traditional shot of whiskey. There are just too many coincidences for it to be a dust particle. I get chills every time I look at this photo and even if this mysterious light isn't representing Pawpaw I still feel like he was there with us that evening and every day since then. He will always be with us.

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