Thursday, February 5, 2009

Evelyn's 12 Month Check-Up

Today Evelyn had her 12 month well baby check up. She weighed in at 23lbs and 31" she is in the 95th percentile for height, which means she is taller than 95% of baby girls her age.

She received two shots and had blood taken from her toe.

But as you can see from this video, she is perfectly fine :) She loves this zebra and has become very good at getting on and off by herself.


bbthebluesman said...

That is so flippen cute! Haha.

oh hey thanks for you comment about my speech if I haven't already. Just wanted to make sure.

Also, next time I see you, remind me to bring my guitar and gramps hat (which I am sure I might bring his hat) and I'll bring a camera. I just need your help with getting my picture taken with gramps hat looking like I'm playing my guitar. If you could do that, that'd be awesome!!!

lizw said...

Yes, a picture of you in Gramps hat playing the guitar is a great idea!

bbthebluesman said...

If there is any videos you would like "B.B. Production" (meaning me) to make a video of, let me know. Also if you want to add a particular song on the video, send it to me as a Wav format or a Mp3 format I can put it in. Or unless if you would like me to use the songs I have or even create a song (which would take a little while) I'll do it.

I have a camera that takes video but I am not entirely sure if I can get it on my blog, but if I can, the first thing I want to do is something that Gramps suggested. Its that your children and Liv's Children play with Memaw. Also Grandma.