Sunday, February 8, 2009

Spring is in the Air

This weekend was absolutely beautiful! Saturday and Sunday were full of sunshine and temperatures in the mid to high sixties! We spent most of our time outside soaking up the sunshine. I happily discovered that we have an awesome playground/park less than three miles from our home. We spent part of our Saturday and Sunday mornings there. The kids love it and I'm strongly considering making a trip to the park a daily event.

We finally had time to get some yard work done. Justin trimmed the Crape Myrtle tree while Lane and I stacked the fallen branches, climbed a tree, found a ladybug and enjoyed being outside.

After two warm sun shining days it feels like spring is in the air.

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bbthebluesman said...

Do you have any of the pictures of Memaw and Poppy together then early pictures of Grandpa? If you are feeling up to it you think you could send the pictures to me?

here is my email address: