Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Garden Chronicles, Feb. 21, 2009

Today we completed the layout for the garden beds. We have decided on four beds, two of the beds are 4x6 feet and two are 2x6 feet.
Justin did most of the digging and measuring. Lane, Evelyn and I helped.

We also did a little exploring in the yard and woods. Here are a couple things that stopped me in my tracks.

Lane found a few worms and had a hard time saying goodbye to them when we were done. Evelyn enjoyed her time outdoors. she crawled around feeling the texture of grass, bark, flowers and whatever she found interesting. At one point she even tasted some of these things, but soon after spit them out.
Even though we are still in the beginning prep stages of this garden, I feel we are making progress. It was wonderful to spend quality time together as a family all working together. We all enjoyed the afternoon of sunshine, nature and family.