Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Garden Chronicles, Feb. 15, 2009

I've decided to do a series of blogs documenting our experience in creating our first garden. This is where I begin, February 15, 2009.

The soil: wet, clay, dark, red, could form into a ball. May have to mix in some top soil or organic matter.

It felt good to feel the dirt in my hands. Got a sense of connectedness to the earth. Loved the basic simplicity of interacting with the natural resources. And feeling the sun on my skin is always a welcome comfort. I was only outside for a short time but felt a bit of renewal and rejuvenation. I'm also feeling that gardening will be a peaceful experience and I'm excited to begin this small undertaking. Another note; the birds sounded lovely, playful and full of joy. And that sunshine is the ultimate bliss.


Liane said...

Love the garden chronicles. It is such good therapy to get out there in that dirt. I remember that red Georgia clay (I lived there for about a year) which stains everything it touches. I look forward to seeing your garden grow!

gonzomama said...

great idea! we're hoping to grow our first garden too this year. wishing you a plentiful bounty!