Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A New Play Group

Evelyn, Lane and I have joined a play meet-up group. Today was our first event, Mommy and Me Fitness. We had so much fun running, jumping, crawling, singing, playing with hoola hoops, balls and tunnels. It was a great class that allowed the children an opportunity to follow direction, socialize/interact with other children and exercise. It was also nice to chat with some of the moms. Everyone was friendly and all the children were so well behaved. It took Lane a few minutes to warm up, but once he did he was having a non-stop riot. I was impressed with Lane's ability to listen, follow direction and patiently wait his turn. Evelyn couldn't have been any sweeter or cuter. She hung out in her stroller for the first part of the class just peacefully observing, a few of the kids went up to her and identified her as a baby and pointed to her as she reached out and tried to hug them. Once she was out of her stroller, she crawled around and kept up with the rest of the 1 /1/2-2 1/2 year olds. At one point in time she went up to another small girl and gave her a big hug which was followed by a collective "awe" from all the mothers. We look forward to joining the class again and participating in the upcoming events.

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