Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Birthday Celebration!

This weekend we celebrated Tori's 50th birthday!  The celebration included lunch, cake, presents and Clue. We all went out to lunch and then came home to continue the celebration. One of Tori's favorite cakes is German Chocolate, which I had never tasted or made. But I found the cake to be enjoyable to make and very delicious! We concluded the celebration with a game of Clue. We all had not played Clue in many years and found there are a lot of changes from the old version. Once we were refreshed with the rules we began.  The game continued on for quite awhile and finally, I am proud to say that it was my accusation of Mrs. Peacock, in the Guest House with the Knife that won the game!  We all had a wonderful time celebrating Tori's birthday.

In other news...

On Saturday Tori took Lane to his very first movie.  They saw Bolt and Lane enjoyed the whole movie going experience.  Also, Lane got a new bed.  He is no longer sleeping in his toddler bed, he has moved up to a twin size bed.  He loves it!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

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