Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lane, The Artist

One of Lane's favorite things to do is "make" which means making marks on paper with crayons, markers or paint.  His making skills have really evolved over the past several months. At first it was about the medium.  He used all his senses to learn about the materials, including tasting.  He then began using the materials on paper just making random marks.  He now can hold the crayon correctly (he's a lefty) and draws circles, he also makes scribbles, has learned several colors and is fascinated by others drawing.  He often asks me to "make" a car or elephant or monster truck and while I'm drawing he is watching every line and he gets so excited with the final drawing.  He also gets excited when he draws objects, even though the drawing is a bunch of scribbles, he is so proud at his accomplishment and I am too.  Today I documented some of Lane's artwork.  He has tons of drawings and they are all so special. I'll be sure to save some of these early masterpieces to treasure for years to come.

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