Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Home Sweet Home?

Over the past several months Justin and I have been diligently searching online for a home to buy.  We would find a few that we liked and then we would drive out to see them to check out the neighborhood and get a feel for the area.  We made several trips like this.  We would have our favorites and we would watch them drop in price and then finally someone would buy them and we would find new favorites. 

 This past Saturday we met with our agent for the first time to look at some houses, finally we were able to go inside and get a full picture.  We came prepared with a stack of homes we wanted to see.  We looked at many houses on Saturday, but it was the second house that we fell in love with.  This house has everything we need or want and even more!  Beautiful backyard, great schools, functional layout, interesting architectural details and a bonus room.  We continued on with our agent to view many more homes that day, and I seemed to compare every house to the one we loved.  The next day we met with our agent again to view several more homes in a different area.  Nothing seemed to stand out and we felt very confident telling the agent that we'd like to make an offer on the second home we viewed on Saturday.

Yesterday we met with our agent and filled out the necessary paperwork and today our offer was submitted.  It can take up to a week before we hear anything.  So now we patiently wait and hopefully, if our offer is accepted we can be in our new home by Thanksgiving!

The picture isn't the best the tree is covering most of the house, it's from the online listing.  I'll be sure and bring my camera next time we visit.

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