Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kelly's Wonderful 30

Happy birthday to my wonderful dear sister Kelly.  She turns thirty today.  In honor of this milestone birthday I've decided to list thirty wonderful things about my sister Kelly.

1.  She is breathtakingly beautiful.
2.  She's a great mother.
3.  She has a way of deeply understanding others.
4.  She can sing.
5.  She is always there for me especially when I need her the most.
6.  She's an amazing human being with great sensibilities.
7.  Her fashion sense is impressive.
8.  We are phenomenally connected (it's creepy sometimes).
9.  She is double jointed, she can bend her thumb in ways that shouldn't be possible.
10. She loves my children like they're her own.
11.  She knows how to have a great time and enjoy life.
12.  She is loyal and trustworthy.
13.  She plays poker.
14.  She speaks the truth.
15.  She has many talents that she doesn't always share with the world.
16.  She can be philosophical.
17.  She is smart.
18.  She brings out the best in people.
19.  She has a great sense of humor and always makes me laugh.
20.  She is loved more than she will ever know.
21.  She has an amazing way of making everyone around her feel comfortable.
22.  She listens to her heart and follows her instincts.
23.  Her children are absolutely amazing.
24.  She's a candy lover.
25.  She is generous and kind.
26.  She loves her blue jeans.
27.  She has beautiful hair that grows so fast.
28.  She is open minded.
29.  She is creative.
30.  She truly believes in the people she loves and supports them in their choices.

I love and miss my sister very much.  She is my best friend and no amount of distance will change that.  We are so deeply connected that no matter where we are in life we will always find each other.  Happy 30th birthday Kelly!  You are truly wonderful in so many ways.


Laura said...

Yeah she's beautiful! And she looks just like her gorgeous sister!!! I wish I had an awesome sister like you, Lizzle!

Anonymous said...

What did i do to deserve such greatness in another human being. The best gift our parents ever gave us was each other. I love you so very much and appriciate the fact that you love me too. I hope i have you forever. Love ya sis.