Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Colors, Counting and Stacking

This week Lane has been playing with things that are similar in shape but vary in color. Frisbees, plates, bowls, and blocks are some examples of what he's been playing with.  He loves to count the items, identify the color and stack them.  He gets creative too.  Yesterday he made up a jumping game with the frisbees and today he made a castle with his blocks.  He can count up to 10 and can identify multiple colors.  Today at lunch I gave him a blue spoon and he said "orange spoon" then went to the drawer and got out the orange spoon to eat with.  Who would have thought that everyday objects could be such great learning tools.  It's amazing how much Lane is learning at such a rapid speed.  Being two comes with challenges, but it's truly a fascinating time.

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