Monday, November 10, 2008

Offer Accepted!

Last week Justin and I made an offer on a house and it's been accepted!  Even though we feel like this house is ours we still have a few things to tie up before it's officially ours.  We are now in the process of filing necessary paperwork and finishing up with the inspection, and once all that is complete we will be closing on the house in the next two weeks (hopefully before Thanksgiving). We are so happy and excited to have found such a beautiful place to live.  

Yesterday we loaded up the whole family in the van and drove out to the house.  Everyone agrees that this is a great home in a great location.  Lane was probably the most excited.  He was running from room to room checking the place out and when he got to his room he actually played in there for awhile, hiding in the closet and turning the light on and off and running around (he has a lot of energy).  He also loved the yard, many spaces and things to explore (a toddler's dream).  This morning he was saying "new house amazing" which is adorable that he thinks so highly of this house and because he just learned the word amazing last week and now he is using it in phrases, so smart.

The house needs a few things, mostly some TLC.  We will need to purchase appliances, power wash the exterior siding, paint, and make a few minor repairs.  We can't wait to get in there and begin.  I took some photos of the interior and exterior yesterday.  Hopefully these photos will give everyone a good sense of the space.  We will keep everyone posted as to when this house is officially our new home.

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Liv said...

Congrats! I hope the inspection goes well. The house looks wonderful, especially the yard. Look at all of those mature trees!